Fit Over 50 Transformation

Our transformation post goes to our client Pamela Mang!  We feel honoured that she chose us to create her lifestyle and NPAA competition plans. This fit-over-fifty supermom balanced her busy family and career life, lost 32 lbs, and shrank by 16 inches to compete at the NPAA Canada Championships. We can’t…

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Athlete Transformation

??? ??? ?????? ?? ????????? ???? ?????????.Our #Athlete#Transformation post goes to our client @laurelkucy..Laurel is a 100% plant based athlete on #TeamEndurance who added weight training to her marathon training lifestyle..We are proud of Laurel’s most recent achievement as she earned her @npaasport Masters Bikini pro card at the #CanadaChampionships..Laurel has worked exclusively…

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Competition Transformation

??? ??? ?????? ?? ????????? ???? ?????????.Our #AthleteSpotlight post goes to our client Ryan..? We feel honoured that he continues to trust us with his competition prep plans..? He successfully juggled his busy schedule as a father and health care provider with our competition prep plan for…

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