Pumpkin mocha donut photo

Pumpkin Mocha Protein Donuts

Have you given these yummy Pumpkin Mocha Protein Donuts a try? Ingredients:* 1 cup pumpkin purée.* 1 cup raw almond butter (or nut free butter).* 1 scoop Mocha Protein Powder.* 1/4 cup maple syrup (or raw honey if not vegan).* 1 egg.* 1 tsp pumpkin pie spice extract.*…

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Strawberry Lemonade Protein Donuts

Are you looking for a decadent and protein-filled treat?.These Strawberry Lemonade Protein Donuts are oh so good!.Ingredients:1 cup vanilla protein powder.1 tbsp strawberry gelatin.1 tbsp lemon zest.1 tsp baking powder.1 pinch salt.1/2 cup warm milk/or milk alternative.3 1/2 tbsp melted butter.2 eggs.For the glaze:1 ½…

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Lemon Donuts

??? ??? ??????? ??? ? ????? ??? ????????? ??????-???? ?????? ??? ????????? ?? ? ????? ??????.These Lemon Donuts are amazing!.Ingredients:* 1 1/4 cup gluten free flour blend, (*Note, add 1 tsp xanthan gum if it is not included in the blend).* 3/4 cup almond meal,…

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