Have you ever tried working out to a slow beat? Some smooth jazz or even mo’town? It. just. does. not. work. 

Plain and simple, the science behind working out to music is trying to keep a good tempo. Constantly trying to keep yourself at a good pace and motivated throughout the sets and reps, no matter how difficult they are. 

What is good/proper music to work out to? Any music that ranges from 120 bpm < x. This have been proven to be the most effective beats per minute to help people with their workouts. 

Not only is picking the right type of music to workout to important, but the oder you put them in as well. Starting with a good upbeat tempo can help jump start your workout and get you ready to get your pump on. While on the treadmill, have a kick ass song finish off your run can help you forget the last, however many, meters your have left. 

Don’t believe us? Watch ASAPSCIENCE as they explain to you how music can improve your athletic performance.

In a rut? 

Here at endurance we would like to share our current favorite workout mixes. 

If you don’t like to constantly download music, there are tons of free apps that can help you out.

Currently listening to: 

Sonza Playlists 

1. Low rise Jeans and Baby Tees

2. A Cruise on the S.S Pharrell

3. Featuring Nicky Minaj

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