What do Physiotherapists do?

Physiotherapy involves assessment, treatment and education for a wide range of health problems to ensure you make the most of your lifestyle. Physiotherapists can recommend ways to treat problems with your muscles, bones and joints, circulatory, respiratory or nervous system.

Every year physiotherapists assist thousands of Canadians of all ages, from babies to the elderly, in preventing and managing the effects of congenital diseases, illness, chronic diseases, neurological conditions, accidents and the stresses and strains of everyday life.

Physiotherapy – How it Works

Physiotherapy involves using a variety of techniques to help your muscles, joints, heart and lungs work to their potential. Physiotherapists work in partnership with individuals of all ages to break down barriers impeding physical function. Physiotherapy can help individuals living with congenital or chronic diseases or other debilitating conditions and can assist those recovering from: surgery; illness; neurological conditions such as stroke; injury; industrial or motor vehicle accidents; or age related conditions. The practice of physiotherapy is drug-free.
Fundamental to a physiotherapists’ approach is an appreciation of your role in your own care. Physiotherapists work with you to integrate your care into your lifestyle. They are skilled in providing treatment, preventative advice, rehabilitation and care for people with long-term or terminal illness and will develop a full treatment plan to suit your unique needs.

Our practitioners use individualized treatment strategies. Treatment plans may include a combination of the following techniques:

  • Dry Needling
  • Graston Technique
  • Manual Therapy Techniques
  • Mobilization
  • Active Release Therapy (ART)
  • Myofascial Release Therapy
  • Electrotherapy (IFC, TENS, Ultrasound)
  • Exercise Prescription

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