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I started training with Kevin Ashby in May of 2009. I had just finished a stressful year of school while working in an office environment for the first time and found myself 30 pounds heavier than I had ever been. I found that I was lacking energy, unable to keep up with my friends in physical activities, and most importantly, I felt horrible about my appearance and how I had turned to such an unhealthy lifestyle.

I was in need of making some lifestyle changes and Kevin and Wendy have helped me do just that. We set some goals for an 8 week training program which included everything from nutrition to the routines at the gym with Kevin and Wendy or when I was by myself. One thing that I learned from my personal training experience is the importance of knowledge and their ability to keep you motivated. With their support and encouragement I was able to go from 214 lbs to 176 lbs and I brought my body fat down by 10% by the end of the 8 week program. The results I achieved has motivated me to continue living a healthy lifestyle, given me the energy I felt I was lacking, and I could feel my confidence glow as I walked back into the University and received the acknowledgement from many people who noticed my body’s transformation.

Kevin and Wendy will serve as a valuable resource to anyone whom chooses to have them as a personal trainer and I hope that they can take advantage of their knowledge just as I do. They are creative and energetic and manage to practice professionalism and fun while staying serious about achieving your goals. They dedicate themselves 100% to live a healthy and active life, and their passion unconsciously inspires everyone around them. It was a lot of hard work to achieve my goals but I truly believe that Kevin and Wendy’s openness, knowledge and support is what allowed me to stay with my fitness goals. I can’t thank them enough and look forward to their continued support while I continue to set new goals and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Age 33, mother of two, trained at Endurance on 8th Health Centre and at home with minimal equipment. Angela is now in the best shape of her life!

While I have struggled to lose weight my whole adult life, I finally set my mind to losing weight after the birth of my two children. After two years of regular visits to the gym I eventually hit a plateau after losing 20 lbs. I then decided to go to see Dr. Wendy Carvalho-Ashby to help me take things to the next level. I was initially just looking for a personal trainer but Wendy suggested I compete in a fitness competition. I was a little hesitant, with the competition only 12 weeks away, but decided to take on the challenge! I trained with Wendy at Endurance on 8th Health Centre every other week and she gave me all the tools and encouragement I needed to get me to my goal. I have lost 20 lbs in 11 weeks and I’m now in the best shape of my life. Thanks to Wendy’s support and knowledge I have definitely made it to the next level and then some!!!

Age 35, father of two, busy Vice President of an Energy company. Trained at Endurance on 8th Health Centre. Now Chad is running circles around his kids!

My training with Kevin and Wendy initially began back in the fall of 2008 but due to the “same old” other priorities/crutch (which for me in order of importance was) work, family, work, fitness and health, it was not until the start of 2009 that I really decided to dedicate myself to getting in shape.

The first step to getting in shape was realizing that I needed help from someone who had been there and had done that. I had met Dr.’s Wendy and Kevin Ashby and the first thing that differentiated them from other Doctors/trainers was there approach to Health and Fitness. Instead of the approach I knew of just going to the gym and working out one or two body parts at the heaviest weight possible and then calling it a day, Wendy and Kevin’s approach involved doing upper body or lower body and required doing it at a furious pace while maintaining excellent form.

The second, and in my mind most important step for me on my fitness journey was Wendy and Kevin’s approach to nutrition. This opened my eyes to diet and the importance of eating and its effects on losing or gaining weight and in putting on muscle.

Thirdly, Wendy and Kevin are two of those rare individuals who know how to motivate and inspire. From January 4, 2009 to the middle of March, I lost 35 pounds (218 to 183) and went from 30 percent body fat to 7.2 percent. Since the middle of March to now I have gained back 6 pounds of muscle and my body fat has gone down to 6.4 percent. I really enjoy both the training and diet aspects of this experience and it has positively affected my work, family, confidence and relationships.

With my new body, energy and renewed confidence I have set a goal with Wendy and Kevin to train for a fitness competition in July. I am excited and looking forward to this experience. I can’t thank Kevin and Wendy enough. They are selfless individuals who truly care about improving peoples’ lives. Unfortunately, as a result of the amazing results they have helped me to achieve, my back has never felt better and I don’t see them as Chiropractors as much!

Thanks Wendy and Kevin!

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