Hi Everyone,

So Kevin, Wendy and BT’s Biggest loser contestant Stacy were on location this morning shooting live from World Health Club. Stacy has been doing her Endurance on 8th Fit Camp (for more details go to our website https://endurance8health.com/), and spending time doing Cardio at the Bay Club.


We are often asked, how do I do cardio if I am stuck at home or don’t have cardio equipment?

Here are some tips

1. Jog in place holding some dumbells (good substitution for treadmill)

2. Walk up and down on a step, hold some weights (replacing the eliptical or stepper)

3. Mountain Climbers, hold dumbells in a push up position, and jog legs in and out (replacing the bike)

4. Remember to have fun! Even if you are just dancing at home get that heart rate up and burn burn burn those calories away!

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