36-year-old mother of a little guy who is 10 months old. First time mom, Doctor of Chiropractic, Fitness professional and 1/2 of Calgary’s fit couple. I have found that it takes a lot of planning to find that one hour a day for yourself! My tip is to walk as many times during the week that you can with your baby, nursing is excellent for your baby and for returning your body back to your pre-pregnancy figure, and with careful planning it is important to include yourself on your list of things to accomplish each day! Also it takes 9 months for your body to grow a baby, so be patient and give yourself the time post-baby to get your figure back, if you stick to your goal, don’t worry it will happen!

Tip to Staying in Fit and Balancing Being a Mom: BE CONSISTENT, PATIENT AND SET SOME GOALS

For new moms remember if you stick to your goal of leading a healthy lifestyle and getting your pre-baby figure back, your consistency will pay off, don’t worry it will happen! I Have found that taking my baby for long walks, balanced with good nutrition, nursing and weight training a few times per week has boosted my energy levels and helped me spring back into shape. The best reward of it all is I have the energy to keep up with my little boy!

Egg White Omelette (serve 4 egg whites/person)

We love eggs! They are so fast to cook, packed with protein, affordable and delicious.

  1. Whip up Egg whites with your favourite spices
  2. Sauté zucchini, onions, green peppers in non-stick fry pan, (can coat pan with Pam Spray
  3. Pour Egg white mixture on veggies and cook until firm
  4. Grate a table spoon of low fat cheddar cheese over omelette
  5. Serve on Wasa Crisp Bread or Whole Grain Toast!