Record breaking regular season means Super Bowl loss:

The 1983-84 Redskins set the record for regular season points scored (541) and then lost to the Raiders in the Super Bowl.  The 2007 New England Patriots eclipsed the record with 589 points in their undefeated season and were beaten by the NY Giants in the Super Bowl.  So why should we believe Denver with their record breaking 606 regular season points will win this year’s Super Bowl?  Try to put your man crush for Peyton Manning aside…. it doesn’t look good for the Broncos.  

4 neck surgeries? No problem… Playoffs?  Problem:

Peyton Manning is arguably one of the best Quarterbacks in NFL history.  Diagnosed at 16 with a spinal curvature that was less than ideal for football, he never missed a game due to injury between the ages of 15 and 35.  However, by 2010 his neck began to fail him.  Pinched nerves, disc herniations, etc. placed him under the knife more times than the average individual.  See this link for a full description of his ordeal.  Nonetheless, this did not stop the 37 year old icon from throwing 55 touchdowns in 16 regular season games this year.  The problem is that he has thrown 4 in 2 playoff games while the team averaged 25 points in those games (compared to the 38 in the regular season).

Lynch on the loose:

Knowshon Moreno became the first Bronco in history to combine 500 yards receiving with 1000 yards rushing.  However, during the playoffs he rushed for 141 yards and 1 touchdown compared to Marshawn Lynch’s 249 yards rushing and 3 touchdowns.

Overall, the “Super-Manning” Broncos may have the offense to combat the legendary defence of Seattle’s “Legion of Boom,” but history may not be on the side of the Broncos.  Will Peyton Manning be the athlete to re-write history?  Nope

Go Seahawks! 

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