It’s that time of year again where friends and family gather around the television to watch 4 hours of good ol’ American football. Whether you genuinely love the game or pretend to be interested, it’s still a good time nonetheless. There is one thing that I LIVE for during the coming weeks of superbowl sunday.

Super bowl commercials.

All the major companies bust out their guns and creatively cause us to subconcisouly want their products. Remember the VW darth Vader Commerical they made? So good, and I still really want to buy a Passat. (Link is below if you missed it)


Unfortunately, since we don’t reside in America, we are not as privilege to view all the commercials during the game.

Good thing there’s the internet!

Here are some leaks. They’re pretty good. Enjoy

 Dads can’t always be there. That’s why they want you to buy the new genesis. 0:11 is where it starts to get good Ha. 

Exactly, never comrpomise on the perfect car.


Well of course we’ll watch some kind of soda maker commercial, especially if it’s starring the two time named sexiest woman alive, Scarlett Johansson. 

John C. Reiliy does it all, he even wants me to file my own taxes. Probably wont, but still, I considered it for like a second. 

WHY. Why is so creepy? So creepy it needs to be shared.

How the Matrix never gets old, I will never know.

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