It’s time to clean house!!  By house I mean your body with a sugar free cleanse.  We will begin on Monday June 1st and go until June 30th!  This cleanse entails taking out all processed sugars in your diet as well as any substitutes.  We are overloaded with processed sugars in our daily lives so this cleanse will give you a way to learn where the dangers are and how to teach your body to deal without its sugar fix.  Processed sugar can be extremely damaging to your health so it’s time to learn how it feels to be clean of it!  This cleanse is about learning where to look for bad sugars in your foods and finding a balance in your body.  You will feel full of natural energy by the end of this! 


The parameters to the cleanse are as follows:

-Like the page Endurance on 8th Health Centre on Facebook and follow us on Instagram under “Endurance8health.” 

-Check into Endurance on 8th Health Centre on Facebook here  or comment on our Instagram posts.  Do this daily to keep yourself accountable and get the support of your friends!  To do this go to your status daily and simply write which day you are on and tag “@Endurance on 8th Heath Centre”.  It pops up if you’ve liked the page already.

-Absolutely no processed sugars (look for added sugars on all your foods and only have ones that have zero added). 

– Only natural sugars are allowed.  Fruit and natural sugars are allowed and encouraged.  They will help you with any cravings.  Fructose is the one you are avoiding but also try to choose low glycemic index foods instead of high glucose contents.  

-No substitute sugars are allowed.  All of these have more chemicals and are technically no better than processed sugar for you.  We will allow Stevia but only if you truly need it.  This is the only substitute sugar that has not been studied yet to prove or disprove any dangers. 

-Look out for added sugar in your dairy and remember anything over 4.7g to 100g of product is added sugar.  Anything under that is naturally occurring sugar and is fine. 

-Make sure to have a preparation day before you go cold turkey!  This means that you slowly decrease your sugar intake leading up to Monday June 1st so the withdrawal symptoms don’t hit so hard that you have a relapse or binge. 

-This is NOT a weight-loss challenge.  If you are someone who checks your weight constantly put that scale away!  You may weigh yourself the day before June 1st and not until after June 30th.  Focusing on your weight can be discouraging and this cleanse is all about how great you will feel and the energy it provides! 


Do this for the performance of your healthy body!  


-Written by Lara Schamotta

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