Do your muscles or joints ache and you sit behind a desk for many hours of the day?
The following information may help.
Research shows that sitting for prolonged periods increases the risk of muscle and joint pain, heart disease, diabetes and cancer regardless of regular exercise.
So how do you combat this risk?
One answer is to purchase a variable desk system, which offers the option to stand, sit, or sit at stool height throughout the day. It is the change in position throughout the day that provides healthy postural stresses on our bones, joints and soft tissues.
Here are some tips for easing into a variable height desk:
1. Purchase an anti-fatigue mat. Your feet will not be used to standing all day and a mat can help ease tired toes and sore ankles.
2. Wear flat shoes or stand in sock feet on the mat. You’ll notice you may start to automatically stretch your feet, which is great for circulation.
3. Start with an hour in the morning and an hour in the afternoon to gradually ease into standing more. You probably won’t be used to standing all day and it will take time to learn to do the elements of your job while standing.
4. Keep your feet shoulder width apart and try moving from side-to-side. You’ll notice it will keep the blood from pooling in your legs (and may even help burn a few extra calories).
5. Sit if you feel tired. Either grab a bar-height stool or lower the desk to a full sitting level. Some days we do just need to sit.

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