Are you trying map out your goals?
The following tips may help.
Try the following to create your goal:
1. Write a realistic and achievable goal that is about you and only you.
2. Rewrite the goal with positive writing, such that it is about something you want more of/striving toward as opposed to something you are trying to remove.
3. Finally make the statement as specific as possible (e.g. specific positive behaviours versus generally wanting to be “happier”).
Next create your action plan:
1. Create a spreadsheet, journal, etc. to measure your progress.
2. Set a deadline (less than 90 days) to achieve your goal.
3. List things you have already achieved to help reach your goal.
4. List the next logical steps, the specific time-frame and requirements for each step, to achieve your goal.
5. Write how can you partake in these steps today.
6. List who/what are the supports (e.g. professional and non-professional) to help you along the way.

Make it a great day!
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