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Pediatric Massage

Are you curious about pediatric massage for your baby? Have you noticed how children these days have really loaded schedules? Have you ever thought they also experience stress and anxiety? There are numerous benefits for babies and children.

Benefits for babies:

Baby will experience new sensations

  • Pediatric massage will give baby a greater tactile understanding of their body.

Massage supports the digestive process and may even help reduce colic and discomfort with teething/congestion

  • As a result, your baby will be calmer and more relaxed. You may notice not only an improvement in sleep but also in the overall mood of your baby.

Benefits for children:

Massage therapy can help children Increase their ability to concentrate

Massage therapy can help children Improve their sleep patterns

Massage therapy help children feel less irritable and hyperactive, which improves concentration

Youth with different chronic illnesses (e.g. asthma, cystic fibrosis, diabetes, dermatitis, etc.) have responded positively to pediatric massage.

Massage as a therapy seems to work for children, whether they are infants, preschoolers, or teens. Furthermore, making massage a routine in the child’s life can help them to grow into a balanced and healthy adult.

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