My journey started after having my daughter, about 19th months ago, and I weighed 200lbs.  I was feeling like a “fat” mom.  Let’s keep in mind that I have been 10 years in the fitness industry teaching various classes and so involved to a point where I would teach about 8 classes per week.  I taught often, and I had lost quite a bit of weight but there were two parts of the puzzle missing, they were the ones that I struggled with the most…weight training and diet.

I was challenged to enter fitness competition and I did.  It was a new goal and it was time to take things to the next level. Rule of thumb, if you want to be the best, train with the best you seek the best, so I sought the help of Endurance on 8th mainly because of their reputation in the fitness industry and Kevin had worked with a few friend s of mine that had amazing results!

As soon as I met Kevin I knew he was the coach for me, he was approachable, friendly, realistic, and knowledgeable.  He set me up with a nutrition and workout plan.  The best thing about is that it was a real plan eating properly balanced meals and no extreme cutting out of various foods.  Actually, I was able to have a cheat meal and dessert once a week…My fat melted away in a slow and safe matter and I was able to put on lean muscle mass.  Before I knew it I was ready for my competition.  I had Kevin’s unconditional support throughout the journey… even at the times I wanted to quit he was there to keep me motivated and accountable.  The great thing is that it was not just Kevin alone.  Wendy, his wife, also supported me.  It was a tag team of husband and wife caring for their clients.  I completed my first completion on October 22, 2011 and I am starting to plan for 2012.  Thanks Kevin and Wendy, you two are awesome, supportive and true mentors to the sport of fitness.  Let’s rock 2012!!!

Peggy Cave