Geno Bast, Novice BodybuilderOn October 22, 2011 Dr. Kevin Ashby and Dr. Wendy Carvalho-Ashby hosted the IDFA Western Canada Classic at Mount Royal University. Over 70 athletes competed and brought incredible physiques to the IDFA stage. Endurance on 8th health centre would like to congratulate all of the athletes that we coached, and trained for the show. We are very proud of the following athletes who have become part of the Endurance 8 team/family:

Meet Our New Figure and Fitness Model Pro Card Winners!!!! 

Sally Rotlisberger Win’s Her Figure Pro Card!

Steph Lawlor Win’s Her Fitness Model Pro Card









Fitness Model Novice silver medalist, Keagen Cave: Way to go Keagen, Sam and all of the Fit-Campers are so proud of you as well!

Keagen Cave, Fitness Model Novice Silver Medalist!

Fitness Model & Figure Novice top 10 placing for Peggy Cave: We are so proud of you Peggy, you had another amzazing transformation. Peggy did an I am proud to be an IDFA athlete video that was so good it was presented at the IDFA show! Peggy is a mother of two and her youngest is only 18 months old, way to go Peggy!

Peggy Cave Fitness Model Novice

Figure Master’s top ten placing for Stephanie Felker: Super Mom, and wonderful inspiration! Stephanie, we are so proud of you, and excited that you were able to achieve this goal and have had a baby only 11 months earlier.

Third from Left, figure masters Stephanie Felker
Novice Bodybuilding top five placing for Geno Bast: What an incredible transformation Geno, we can’t wait to see that pro card in your hands in future competitions!

First in line up Novice Bodybuilder Geno Bast

We are also very proud of all of the athletes that we helped with competition preparation, i.e nutrition coaching, and posing, as well to all of the athletes that attended our competition workshop!