Let’s start off with who doesn’t love their smart phone? Seriously. Why not use your smart phone, not only for wasting time on social media, but rather get your butt from standing still and burning maximal calories. 

 Here are Endurance’s pick for fitness apps.

1. Zombies, run! (Android/IOS)

If you haven’t been watching The Walking Dead, you have been seriously missing out on some good television. Not only does this show make you scared (I personally, hate watching it alone), or make you think of how you would handle yourself in the post apocolypitc world, what weapon you’d choose, and where you’d go as a safe haven. 

 Might as well prepare yourself and get yourself fit enough to out run them. Zombie run is a great way to stay in shape and have fun while doing it.  You have missions to complete, interval training, aka, Zombie Chase, and building your own base. 

Try it out. 

 2.  The Walk (Android/IOS)

Same concept as Zombies, Run! You got a killer storyline to stay alive and you got walk to do it. You have episodes and challenges to complete, more to be release in 2014. This is a great alternative to when your walking to work to in the morning or going home after. 





 3. Carrot Fit! (IOS)

Carrot fit is a judgemental weight tracker app that will help you keep your weight loss on target. Now, this app is not like the other weight tracking apps, such as my Fitness Pal or Diet assistant. Carrot is like a mean girl who will taunt you constantly and be pissed off because you’re vearing from your goal and will be your BFF 4 life when you accomplish your targets and continue to check in. 

This is a fun way to keep yourself in check, making yourself accountable for your goals by having someone heckle you for falling off the wagon. 

Watch the video, she sounds like a sacrastic biotch and a blast at the same time. Thats what tough love sounds like.

4.Tiny Hearts Presents Quick 4 Minute workout (IOS)

Quick 4 Minute Workout aka The World’s Fastest Workout from Tiny Hearts on Vimeo.


Basically designed to supplement a whole exercise regime in just minutes, or at the very least get you active during your very busy life. Some exercise is better than no exercise. This is not a shortcut for losing weight and getting stronger, but it gives you the opportunity to get your heart rate up during the day. 

 If you got 3 more minutes to spare, try theQuickfit 7 minute workout. Click here to learn more




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