Modified bicep curls for shoulder pain video

Modified bicep curls for shoulder pain photoDo you have a history of shoulder pain with bicep curls (Bicep Tendonitis/Tendonosis) and are worried about keeping it in your program?  The following information may help.

Biceps tendonitis (inflamed tendon) and biceps tendonosis (non-inflamed degenerative tendon) are injuries of the biceps tendon (typically the long head) of the arm (see diagram).


Some common culprits of biceps tendonitis/tendonosis include:

– Repetitive overhead activity (e.g. weightlifting)Modified bicep curls for shoulder pain shoulder diagram

– Improper support/weakness of the rotator cuff muscles.

– Poor posture and poor body mechanics.

So try this modification (see below video) with lighter weight to promote improved posture and enhance the support of the rotator cuff muscles.

? For my fellow nerds, this modification involves simple reciprocal inhibition such that:
– the contracting agonists are the rhomboids, infrapinatus, teres minor, lower trapezius, and thoracic erector spinae.

– the relaxed antagonists are the upper trapezius, levator scapulae, subscapularis, pectoralis minor.

Looking for other tips to reduce your sprain/strain with bicep curls? Try any combination of the following:
– perform rotator cuff strengthening exercises/scapulothoracic movement correctly and on a regular basis.

– release the pectorals and traps (trigger point/foam roll, etc.) before and after you exercise your phasic muscle groups (upper back, etc).

– reduce the number of exercises that involve your hands overhead (pinching the long head of the biceps against the acromion space).

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  1. This is a GREAT technique. Had a blast using it.
    Stay strong. Большое спасибо from Russia.

  2. I already tore my long head off the shoulder. What’s the odds of the shirt head tearing. Sharp pain in shoulder when curling.

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