Are you ready to take your nutrition to the next level?  31 days of no refined sugar this January is our challenge of the month!

The purpose of this challenge is to take out any and all processed sugars for the whole month.  You have two options with this challenge:  You can choose to do the whole month, a full cleanse of sugar, (which is well worth it!) Or you can simply decide to take out as much as you can and not binge.

Whichever way you go you must track it and let us know how you are doing to be eligible for the prizes at the end of January!  Follow the facebook group Endurance on 8th and the Instagram user named Endurance8health, like and comment on our daily posts and check in to the Facebook group for every day completed to enter our personal tracking system!  At the end of a week we will post a progress chart or picture to help everyone along and stay inspired

Now before you start questioning if you can do this and why you should, let me lead you in the right direction.  You’ll see that it will be easier than you ever thought and the benefits are extremely worth it!

How dangerous is refined sugar?

It’s quite obvious that refined sugar is a major problem in our society.  It’s in almost every single thing we eat, chew and drink!  To see the actual health problems causes you to wonder why we are allowing ourselves to be poisoned.  The main issue with eliminating sugar is that it is an addiction and your body will go through withdrawal symptoms.  Symptoms such as headaches, stomach pains, cravings, mood swings and fatigue can affect the body from 1- 4 days.  The good news??  It gets better in a few days and progressively you’ll feel absolutely amazing! 

To properly prepare for a month of no sugar you need to be aware of the downfall of taking out sugar all together at once.  A few days before or at least the day before DON’T binge!!  This is bound to backfire on you the next day or even in the next few hours.  You will have a spike and a drop in your blood sugar and you will have an almost uncontrollable craving for that sweet stuff.  This is something the evening bingers know all too well.  To ease your body into this challenge slowly reduce your sugar intake so the detox and withdrawal symptoms can lessen. 

Step 1: Go through your cabinets and fridge and take out anything that has added sugar.  Many of the foods you buy you will be surprised at the added sugar so make sure to look at all your labels!  Things such as peanut butter, breads, sauces, milks, and spices are some to not overlook.  Remove these items or put them in a place that is a sugar area and therefore off limits to you.   Also don’t forget to look at things like tea, coffee creamers and gum for that hidden sugar. 

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Written by: Lara Schamotta


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