Down 45lbs since July!  
“When I joined Endurance on 8th early 2012 I was on an endless mental/emotional treadmill – thinking of where I wanted to be in terms of my health, my weight and my level of fitness.  I was wishing for change but not making real commitment to it; disappointed when I didn’t make any progress even though I didn’t change any of my behaviors!  I did my first FitCamp with Sam Medina and was very sore for an entire week.  But I went back and that was the start of my journey.  

I’m very grateful for Endurance on 8th for the comprehensive training they offer.  It was the combination of workouts, nutrition tips and tools, accountability and check-ins with coaches, and the goal setting that have helped me to reach my goals…over 40lb weight loss since July (and nearly 70lbs down in total since my heaviest after having my son).  Huge praise and thanks to Dr. Kevin Ashby, Dr. Wendy Carvalho Ashby, Lani Pickering, Irfan Jessa and Lara Schamotta for getting me organized and into ship shape! 
This comprehensive program was the key to my success.  For as long as I can remember I always put things off or gave up half way through…this time there was no stopping me.  I committed to myself and my goals and I DID IT!
Watch out world…I’m just getting started now!”

By Leslie Velazquez

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