Photo of Endurance personal training nutrition client Meghan


Testimonial Photo of Endurance personal training nutrition client Meghan

This is my testimonial.  I have been competing since 2013 in fitness model and figure, and in 2015 I made the switch into NPAA. My first show was a breeze diet wise, but little did I know I was entering a dangerous downward spiral including very severe metabolic damage.

After my last show May 2015, I made a commitment to myself to take as much time as I needed from the stage to recover my metabolism and make sure I was in a healthy place before even considering leaning down that far again. I thought I was doing everything right, I switched over to a good nutritionist, I was eating all of the right “bodybuilding” foods, and killing myself each day in the gym trying to maintain my physique and make the improvements I wanted. I even started powerlifting so I could add more muscle and lift heavy all while hoping to reverse this metabolic damage I have to deal with now. I steadily gained weight over the past year and when it came down to competing for powerlifting, I needed to simply drop 5 pounds to hit my weight class. Sounds easy enough, but not for me. My weight did not budge regardless of the lower calories or increased cardio.

Lucky for me, Dr. Wendy and Dr. Kevin approached me with the idea of doing a food sensitivity test which they do out of their office. When I looked over the results with them, turns out all of the foods I have been eating the past 3 YEARS are foods that do not respond well with my body. In fact, they were off the charts. Now I am dedicating myself to avoiding those foods and seeing how my body feels. If it hadn’t been for them, I would never have thought to get this test done and found out that all of the foods I eat multiple times a day are foods I should be staying away from.  Hence, I am happy to provide this testimonial.

Wendy and Kevin genuinely care about all of the people who cross paths with them and all of the competitors who compete with them. I highly recommend all competitors and athletes get this test done and see for themselves what foods are best suited for their bodies.

Meghan TrebilcoFood Sensitivity Testing Photo

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