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The following information may help.
Lateral Epicondylitis/Epicondylosis is the most common reason people see their doctor for elbow pain (swipe left for diagram).
Common symptoms include pain with:
– lifting objects.
– making a fist or grip an object, such as a tennis racket.
– opening a door/lid of a jar or shaking hands.
– Raising your hand or straightening your wrist.
Some common culprits of this injury include:
– weak shoulder muscles that puts the elbow muscles under more stress.
– jobs or hobbies that require repetitive arm movements or gripping (e.g. weight lifting, carpentry, typing, painting, raking, knitting, etc.).
Research has shown that the tendons are rarely inflamed (i.e. Epicondylitis: warm and extremely painful to the touch, red, and swollen). Normally, the tendon is degenerated (Epicondylosis).
So here are a couple self-treatment options:
– Self massage of the tendons one or two times per day.
– Using an elbow strap to protect the injured tendon from further strain.
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