Shoulder pain posture pic
Shoulder pain posture pic

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Your Subscapularis muscle may be to blame.

The Subscapularis:
– attaches in at the inner side of your shoulder blade and connects the inner and upper side of your upper arm bone.
– is one of four rotator cuff muscles that maintain shoulder joint stability.
– inwardly rotates your shoulder and pulls your arm towards the body (i.e. internal rotation and adduction ?).

A tight subscapularis occurs with:
– prolonged rounded shoulders/poor posture.
– excessive training of your pecs (since the shoulder internally rotates and adducts with most chest exercises).

The solution:
– Train the pecs with less frequency and/or intensity
– Take regular postural breaks from prolonged sitting.
– try trigger point releasing your Subscapularis before and after training your phasic muscle groups (rhomboids, middle/lower lats, thoracic erectors, serrated anterior posterior cuff, posterior deltoids, etc.).

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