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These Healthy Mint Chocolate Krispy Treats are refined sugar free, high protein, gluten free, and so delicious!
Krispy Treats:
* 5 cups Crispy Brown Rice Cereal.
* ⅔ cup Chocolate Whey Protein Powder.
* ½ cup Raw Honey or Brown Rice Syrup.
* 2 Tbsp Nut Butter.
* 3 oz Dark Chocolate.
* 1 tsp Vanilla Paste.
* ½ tsp Liquid Stevia Extract.
* ¼ tsp Peppermint Flavor.
* ¼ tsp Salt.
Mint Fondant Layer:
* ¾ cup Vanilla Whey Protein Powder.
* 7 Tbsp Agave Nectar.
* 2 Tbsp Coconut Oil (melted).
* ½ tsp Peppermint Flavor.
Mint Chocolate Topping:
* 4 oz Dark Chocolate.
* 2 tsp Coconut Oil.
* ¼ tsp Peppermint Flavor.
For the Krispy Treats:
1. Line an 8×8″ brownie pan with parchment paper both ways.
2. In a large bowl, add the crispy brown rice cereal.
3. In a small bowl, add the chocolate protein powder.
4. In a double boiler over medium heat, add the honey/brown rice syrup, nut butter, chocolate, vanilla paste, stevia extract, peppermint flavor, and salt.  Stir occasionally until the chocolate is completely melted.
5. Working quickly now, stir in the protein powder.  Scoop the mixture over the cereal, then fold together until completely combined.
6. Scoop the mixture into the prepared pan, flatten it out, and press it down.
For the Mint Fondant Layer:
1. In a small bowl, stir together the ingredients until it’s completely even.
2. Scoop the mixture over the krispy treat base and gently spread it out.
For the Mint Chocolate Topping:
1. In a small, microwave-safe bowl, add the chocolate and coconut oil.  Microwave at 30-second intervals, stirring between each one, until completely melted.
2. Stir in the peppermint flavor.
3. Drizzle this all over the fondant layer, then tilt the pan to make sure the entire surface is coated in chocolate.
4. Refrigerate just until firm.
5. Slice into 16 treats and enjoy!
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