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The following information may help.
Biceps tendonitis (inflamed tendon) and biceps tendonosis (non-inflamed degenerative tendon) are injuries of the biceps tendon (typically the long head) of the arm (see diagram).
Some common culprits of this injury include:
– Repetitive overhead activity (e.g. weightlifting).
– Improper support/weakness of the rotator cuff muscles.
– Poor posture and poor body mechanics.
So try this modification with lighter weights to promote improved posture and enhance the support of the rotator cuff muscles.
?For my fellow nerds, this modification involves simple reciprocal inhibition such that:
– the contracting agonists are the rhomboids, infrapinatus, teres minor, lower trapezius, and thoracic erector spinae
– the relaxed antagonists are the upper trapezius, levator scapulae, subscapularis, pectoralis minor.
?Looking for other tips to reduce your sprain/strain with bicep curls? Try any combination of the following:
?performing rotator cuff strengthening exercises/scapulothoracic movement correctly and on a regular basis.
?release the pectorals and traps (trigger point/foam roll, etc.) before and after you exercise your phasic muscle groups (upper back, etc).
?reduce the number of exercises that involve your hands overhead (pinching the long head of the biceps against the acromion space).

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