Push up plus video

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Improper form may be contributing to your sprain or strain.
?This exercise strengthens a collection of muscles but, as per our post on Tonic vs. Phasic muscles, strengthening of the pectorals along with improper form may contribute to a shoulder pathology.
?How do you reduce your sprain/strain?  Try any combination of the following:
?remove it from your program or reduce the intensity (knees on floor and/or hands on bench).
?release the pectorals, traps, and subscapularis (trigger point/foam roll, etc.) before and after you exercise.
?do not drop the shoulders below your elbows at the bottom of the push up (see video).
?try completing the Push Up Plus to further stabilize your shoulders during the exercise (see video).
?further develop your phasic muscles (upper back, abdominals, etc.).
?Still in pain?
?Let your coach/trainer know that this is causing pain.
?Schedule an appointment with us to confirm the underlying diagnosis.
Make it a great day!

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