Are you aware of the 4 different types of spine, muscle, and nervous system pain?

The following information may help.

Approximately 80% of adults will experience spine, muscle, and nervous system pain at some point in their lifetime.

These types of pain are generally caused by repetitive strain, overuse, and physical activity-related injuries.

Common symptoms of spine, muscle, and nervous system pain include:
– Local or widespread pain that gets worse with movement.
– Stiff and achy feeling throughout the body.
– Fatigue.
– Muscle twitching.
– Burning/hot feeling.
– Numbness/tingling.

The symptoms vary from individual to individual, however, there are certain symptoms associated with specific structures in the body.

1. Muscle/Ligament Pain: feels dull and achy and usually less severe than bone pain.
2. Joint Pain: is stiff/achy, may or may not be accompanied by swelling/redness at the joint itself, and is aggravated by moving the joint.
3. Nerve Pain: you would feel a burning, shooting, or numbness/tingling sensation. It may be accompanied by loss of strength or muscle bulk.
4. Bone Pain: is deep, penetrating or dull pain. It may have many different causes (e.g., fracture, cancer, etc).

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