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50 Day Fitness & Lifestyle...

Enter The New Year Feeling Your Best! Learn How To Maintain Your Fitness & Wellness In Our 50 Day Program! Receive The Following Services For Your Challenge: 2 doctor-supervised meal plans (Vegan, Keto, Paleo, Gluten-Free, and more) 2 doctor-supervised training plans (Weight Loss, Fitness, Rehab,…

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Single Leg Ball Squat

Toning and strengthening your glutes shouldn’t be labelled as vain, it may also improve your knee pain. Try the single leg ball squat. Preparation:Stand next to a wall, holding stability ball. Assume a single-leg stance and flex hip (hip hinge) to 60 degrees and knee…

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Functional Exercise

Are you looking for a functional exercise for your glutes, shoulders, and core?.Give these Overhead Bulgarian Split Jumps & Lateral Raises a try!.Make it great day!.Watch the Video at: https://www.instagram.com/p/B1lxbJDFkN4/ .Contact us for injury management or online fitness plans. www.endurance8health.com

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N?????? A???? S?????

?? ??? ???? ? ??????? ??????? (???????) ????? ?????? ???? ???? ???’? ?? ?????.The following information may help..The anterior talofibular ligament is the most common ankle ligament injured. It is often sprained during an acute ankle inversion.. It is important to understand the stages of injury…

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Sunlight Improves Your Fitness

Did you know that sun exposure may improve your athletic performance?.The following information may help..In addition to supplementation and food consumption, Vitamin D is produced naturally when your body is directly exposed to sunlight. Vitamin D helps strengthen your bones, which can prevent bone fractures,…

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Pac Man Crunch with Resistance...

Are you looking for more exercises to strengthen your lower back or carve a sleek midsection?.The following partner exercise may help:.Pac Man Crunch With Resistance Tubing..Preparation:.Lie on your side, with your hips aligned, legs stacked and positioned slightly forward with legs approx. thirty degrees in…

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shoulder exercise poster

Shoulder Exercise Options

Looking for a quick routine for your busy schedule? Try completing 5 sets of the below shoulder exercise routine and contact us today for customized plans covered by your private insurance plan: 5 Shoulder Presses (any of the above options) 10 Sit ups 10 Alternating…

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Chest press poster picture

Chest Press Options

Try completing 5 sets of the below chest press routine and contact us today for customized plans covered by your private insurance plan: Try completing 5 sets of the below exercises and contact us today for customized plans: 5 Chest Presses (any of the above…

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