I am a 47 year old single father of 3 beautiful girls. I started to workoutand diet largely because I wanted to remain active and connected with them. I wanted to show them a healthy lifestyle where you can feel great and have fun doing it. I was asked by a friend of mine if I was interested in competing in the IDFA Competition last May and taking my training to another level. I decided to give it a try and this summer I met Dr. Kevin Ashby and the folks at Endurance. August 1st I started and weighed in at 196lbs and felt tired all the time. Today I’m 168lbs and back feeling great! For some reason clothes just fit and look better now! My goal from the start was to simply commit to this 100% from start to finish…really it was only 10 weeks out of my life! Everything else…the weight loss, the increased energy, the size 30 waist or seeing the “six pack” was all just a bonus! I loved working with Kevin for many reasons! He always got the best out of me. He could challenge me every day at every workout. He also did it keeping me injury free which at 47 years old is tough to do! His knowledge of just how important diet is was also a huge benefit. If I had low energy he would just make a slight change to the diet to help me out! Kevin has to be the most positive guy I think I’ve ever met. Every time we had a training session he was the same and made a really tough workout, thank you Spiderman, made it
This has been an incredible journey! I want to thank my friend Steph Marques for getting me involved and all her support. I want to thank my company Fusion Valve Inc. for all their support. I want to thank my new friend Matt Kellett for sharing this experience. I want to thank Kevin Ashby for his guidance and pushing me to another level. And finally, I want to thank my girls, Megan, Sarah and Jordan for helping through many tough days and keeping me focused!

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