Stephanie Marques Story:
My name is Steph Marques and I’m 29 years old. Originally from Switzerland and have lived all over the world, and now reside in Calgary, AB since 2006 with my Husband Steve and 2 dogs that we rescued out of a dumpster in Taiwan. I train with Dr. Wendy Carvalho-Ashby and Dr. Kevin Ashby.

I love the high of a good work out, and a good solid plan of attack before heading into the gym. I love seeing improvements in strength and power exercises as then I feel like all the grit and pain is worth it!

I always wanted to be in a competitive environment again (didn’t really matter what), and it was between fitness modeling and running a marathon. Bad knees kept me from running so I thought I’d try this! I also wanted to see how I could transform my body with a disciplined nutrition plan.

I competed in my first IDFA competition on May 2, 2010 here in Calgary, I won first place in the Novice Fitness Model Category and won first place in the overall competition. I really loved competing and I guess you could say I’m now addicted to the discipline, as it keeps up my motivation for hitting the gym!

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