I had the privilege of working with Dr. Kevin Ashby for 10 weeks leading up to my first figure competition – the NPAA Canada Championships & Magnum Instincts Pro Show!


Kevin developed a structured meal plan for me, which evolved throughout the preparation process, to adapt to the changes in my physique and condition. The emphasis on eating a high volume of nutritious, clean and balanced foods was easy to understand and to buy into – and I believe that the overall delivery of this plan encouraged a healthy attitude towards eating throughout the preparation process.


Kevin’s training programs were dynamic and challenging – but satisfying as well – as I was able to work my way up to completing workouts, and increasing my weights and training volume. From my training with Kevin, I saw improvements in my strength and endurance throughout the prep process, and was able to maintain my muscle mass into the competition.


Kevin’s reputation in this sport is well-earned; and his passion, integrity and strong foundation in fitness and nutrition went a long way towards making my competition preparation a positive and healthy experience.


Thank you, Kevin!




Amy Phinney

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