“Fall in love with the progress and the results will show.” 

This is a quote that I hold on very close too, that I use to remind myself everyday, and now truly believe I live everyday. 
Wendy has not only helped me reach my goals in fitness, but has helped me create a healthier lifestyle overall. Throughout my entire career of athletics and sports, I have never had so much ambition and determination as I do today.  
I had reached out to Wendy at the beginning of the new year with a goal to compete in a fitness competition. Without hesitation she had taken me underneath her wing. With her words of wisdom and encouragement, she has helped me pursue that goal of competing at that next level of high intensity fitness.  
With her knowledge for the organization, and passion for the sport, she has undoubtably inspired me to be my very best! I have completely grown into a more healthy, energized, enjoyable lifestyle that I love! Throughout the weeks of meal prep and training my ambition and confidence grew more and more.  
This journey through meal prep and dieting has been amazing. I have learnt so much about myself, and how disciplined I can be with my diet.  I have gained nothing but confidence and happiness!  With Wendy always challenging me, and with my ambition to do so, I will accomplish anything I set my mind too!
I would truly like to thank Wendy and the rest team Endurance for changing my life!  

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