Patty’s Testimonial

My journey actually began in September 2014 with an amazing person and trainer, Kamber Lindenbach, who passed away shortly after I learned of my 3rd pregnancy. She spoke about Wendy and Kevin often and I was invited to give an award in her honour at their NPAA competition in 2015. So it was natural to reach out to Kevin and Wendy months after I had my 3rd baby in 2016. It wasn’t until 2017, that I was ready to get serious about taking back my body. When I made the plan to start, my husband also opted to get on a plan so he could be supportive and help me get through the 8 weeks. We love the recipes and intense workouts that make us work and sweat. Most of all we love the results we have achieved to date and will be carrying forward at the same pace. We have learned to make consistently better decisions about what to eat when and feel energized and proud of our new bodies! The recipes are amazing, delicious and filling and opened our eyes to things we’ve never had before that are a staple in our diet now. Wendy and Kevin supported us through the whole process, from encouragement, to education, to a true sense of pride that we have accomplished so much. We are continuing our journey with them and are excited to to see more changes over the years! Thank you so much for being amazing Wendy And Kevin! You’re special people and I’m proud to be in your life in some small way.



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