Client testimonial photos before after

Brittiany’s testimonial in 2017!

Client testimonial photos before after

I have had the pleasure of working with Wendy from Endurance on 8th since March of 2016. When I first met Wendy I was seeking guidance about nutrition, and I was looking for a healthy balance in regards to my active lifestyle and fitness competition passion.  In the past I had struggled with a lot of crash diets and extreme dieting to get results that did not showcase all my hard work that I was putting in at the gym day after day. When I came to Endurance it was through word of mouth; I had heard amazing things about Wendy and her team so I decided to take a chance and make an appointment and never looked back.  This is my fitness testimonial.

This year I set a goal and worked towards hitting the stage with the NPAA as a primarily vegan/vegetarian competitor.  When I had first decided to go primarily vegan/vegetarian I had always worried that my muscle quality and personal gains would not be possible based on only plant based protein alone, however with proper coaching and personalized meals plans over the past year Wendy was able to help my bring my best body to stage this year with the NPAA placing 1st in my category. This has been the first time I have hit the stage with a body that wasn’t starved and it was full and healthy compared to other shows I have competed in.  Hence, I am happy to submit this testimonial.

I think the best thing about Wendy from Endurance is that the nutrition plans she created for me were made specifically to fit my body, they were backed by experience and knowledge, and they have made maintaining a lean physique possible.  Through the process over the last year and a half I realized that it is possible to compete and also live a balanced lifestyle as a vegetarian/vegan based competitor; especially with the knowledge and support I have received from Endurance on 8th

I look forward to having the continued support from Wendy and her team at Endurance on 8th Health Centre,

~Britt Latouche


  1. I am not vegan but I would like to know more about your meal plan guys. It look like awesome! I competed for the 1st time Grandmaster in last NPAA in May 2017. My main goal this time is having a meal plan and other methods to help eliminate or reduce celulitis. Do you have something like that?

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