Amanda's body transformation photos

Amanda's body transformation photos

This is Amanda’s Body Transformation Testimonial

“After completing my first year of a high demand program at SAIT, my fall season with the Trojans Softball team was long over and I was spending what little free time consuming all the unhealthy food and alcoholic beverages a college student is exposed to. At that point I contacted Dr. Kevin about training for a Bikini Competition and that was the start of what has been an incredible body transformation. Beginning with a one on one workout with Dr. Kevin that I will NEVER forget, that was when I realized just how terribly I had let myself go… from that day I was determined to turn my lifestyle around.

Dr. Kevin and Dr. Wendy provided a nutrition and fitness plan that was tailored specifically to me. Check-ins kept me accountable, new plans monthly kept me motivated and interested and reassurance from Kevin and Wendy that I was indeed showing physical improvements helped me push towards my body transformation goals!

Dr. Kevin has been there every single step of the way. Letting me know that some days may not be the best, it would be easier to quit, but that’s all part of the journey.  5 months later I stepped on stage in my first Bikini Competition with a physique I didn’t know I could ever achieve. Four years later I don’t have a specific goal I am working towards but Dr. Kevin is there every month with new plans to help keep me grounded and focused on putting myself first.

Dr. Kevin and Dr. Wendy put a tremendous amount of time and effort into each and every plan they create whether it nutrition, weight training or posing. They are unlike any other Doctors and/or Personal Trainers I have ever met with a true genuine passion for their work and for each individual client. Training with Endurance on 8th Health Centre isn’t just another workout app or fad, Endurance is a family!

I will never be able to express enough gratitude, or put into words just how much Dr. Kevin and Dr. Wendy have changed my life. They have helped me in more ways than even they know and I cherish each and every memory I have from along the way!

Thank you Dr. Wendy, Dr. Kevin and Endurance Team Members!

Amanda Hannem”

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