Weight training myths poster picture

Weight training myths poster picture

Weight training myth #1:

?‍♂️ Weight training will make women “bulky” .

-Sorry folks, that would require excessive amounts of testosterone and calories.

Weight training myth #2:

?‍♂️ You can spot reduce fat.

– Impossible, no amount of targeted exercise will change how that fat disappears.

Weight training myth #3:

?‍♂️ Cardio is mandatory to lose weight.

– Weight training will produce a more efficient weight loss effect than an equivalent amount of cardio.

Weight training myth #4:

?‍♂️ One plan will work for everybody.

– Ok. A little more nutrition related here. One size never fits all in this department.  Congratulations if the Paleo, Ketogenic, Intermittent Fasting, or South Beach Diet worked for you… but that doesn’t make you a doctor or coach and it definitely doesn’t mean it will work for your family/friends.

Weight training myth #5:

?‍♂️ Men and women should train differently.

– That’s just plain stupid.

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