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Fitting In Exercise
With Your Busy Schedule

Are you having difficulties with fitting exercise into your busy schedule?

The following tips may help if you can’t make it to the gym:

1. Use a wearable step-counter.  This can be a fun way to keep track of your activity and your progress.

2. Take the long route.  If you have to go to another floor, take the stairs. 

3. Take a walk during lunch.  This a great pick me up for the afternoon.  When you return to your desk, try consuming a healthy salad, smoothie, or protein shake.

4. Use your TV time wisely.  Try doing sit ups, squats, push ups, lunges during the commercials of your favourite TV program to keep the endorphins flowing.

5. Schedule hikes, walks, bike rides, or after-dinner walks with your family or friends.  It encourages healthy habits for everyone involved.

6. Turn your commute into a workout.  Swap your car, bus or train ride for a run or cycle to fit a workout in.

7. Instead of sending a text or email, make a phone call. Get up and walk around the block, or pace around your office while talking on the phone.

8. Exercise while you clean. Sweeping faster, scrubbing your dishes harder and even adding some jumping jacks in between your chores will make a world of a difference.

9. Schedule a massage.   A good session of massage not only adds strength to our body but also gives us a relaxed mind.

10. Purchase an online program. Online programmes offer detailed advice and tips on what at-home exercises to do and for which parts of the body.

Make it a great day!

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