Transform Injured Body Photo

Tips To Transform Your Injured Body

Are you trying to transform your body while injured?

The following tips may help:

1. Receive an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan. Our online client had an undiagnosed hip discomfort that deterred her from going to the gym. We recommended that she have her injury diagnosed by a local practitioner, which turned out to be a femoral neck fracture. She took the following progress pics as a reminder of her 8 week transformation and, now post-surgery, is highly motivated to get back on track. Stay tuned for future progress!

Transform Injured Body Photo

2. Pay greater attention to your nutrition plan. Our client’s exercise frequency was limited/reduced during the acute stages of her post-surgery rehab, so the nutrition plan we designed took a larger share of the workload to keep her on track. Hence, be sure to track your calorie intake diligently while you’re exercising less.

3. Take your injury day by day. Even if your injury is similar to one you had in the past, the recovery period can be different, so don’t make a timetable based on the past. If you come back too quickly from an injury you only risk injuring yourself again.

Make it a great day!

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