Are you taking protein supplements to improve your strength and/or change your body composition?
The following information from a recent literature review may help.
1. There is no consensus on whether multi- ingredient protein (MIP) supplementation combined with prolonged resistance exercise training (RT) modifies body composition and augments muscle strength.
2. The most common MIP supplements researched included protein with creatine or vitamin D.
3. MIP supplementation augments changes in fat-free mass (FFM), upper body one- repetition maximum strength and lower body one-repetition maximum strength during prolonged (≥6 weeks) RT.
4. The benefit of consuming an MIP supplement on resistance training-induced gains in FFM is greater in untrained participants vs. the trained and in older individuals (>45 years; 66±8 years) vs. those below that age cut-off.
5. MIP supplementation during RT is more effective at improving upper body strength gains in elderly individuals than non-MIP supplements.
6. MIP supplementation is not superior to protein-only supplementation for increasing FFM and strength during periods of RT but does result in a greater increase in fat mass.
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