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Well don’t let your annoyance lead to back pain.
⛄️ Here is a review of proper shovelling technique for snow that is one foot deep or less:
1. Bend knees, dip moderately low.
2. Scrape from under the snow.
3. Lift with legs, keeping lower back straight.
4. Toss to the side, making sure it is not an area that also needs to be cleared. Do not twist to the side. Rather, turn your entire body to the side, then toss the snow.
⛄️ For snow higher than one foot:
1. Chop the snow downward, to bring it down to ground level.
2. Then start at the first step listed above.
If the snow is wet and clumpy, cut the maximum height in half to about six inches, as this type of snow is very heavy.
⛄️ Additional points to remember:
– Stretch/warm up before shovelling.
– Have water on hand for hydration.
– Treat the task as an exercise routine rather an annoyance to avoid injury.
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