Do you know that it is important to monitor your mental health as often as your physical progress while on a fitness plan?

The following information may help.

The Daily Analysis of Life’s Demands for Athletes (DALDA) is an easy to use self-report assessment that identifies significant psychological stressors from outside (e.g. home, work, school, etc.) as well as inside the sporting/athletic environment. These stressors will have a profound effect on your overall progress and wellbeing.
Rate the following questions daily/weekly/monthly in the following manner to address your source and symptoms of stress:
a – worse than normal.
b – normal.
c – better than normal.
Part A – Sources of Everyday Life Stress
1. Diet.
2. Home-Life.
3. School/College/Work.
4. Friends.
5. Training and exercise.
6. Climate.
7. Sleep.
8. Recreation.
9. Health.
Part B – Symptoms of Stress:
1. Muscle pains.
2. Technique accuracy.
3. Tiredness.
4. Need for a rest.
5. Supplementary exercises.
6. Boredom with training.
7. Recovery time between training sessions.
8. Irritability.
9. Weight.
10. Throat.
11. How you feel internally.
12. Unexplained Aches.
13. Technique strength.
14. Enough sleep.
15. Between sessions recovery.
16. General weakness.
17. Interest.
18. Arguments.
19. Skin rashes.
20. Congestion.
21. Training effort.
22. Temper.
23. Swellings.
24. Perceived likeability.
25. Running nose.

Obviously, the “a, b, c” responses address your progress better than simply stating “I feel okay today”.

Make it a great day!

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