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Do you know why you are retaining water?

The following list will reveal causes of water retention and, more importantly, help you realize why your weigh scale is not accurate:
1. Sleep – a healthy amount of sleep (e.g. 7 – 9 hours/night) will help your kidneys regulate your sodium and water balance.

2. Stress – adequate coping mechanisms will result in reduced cortisol and ADH (antidiuretic hormone), which is important for your fluid balance and long-term health.

3. Electrolytes – large amount of electrolytes (e.g. from supplements, salty foods, diet high in processed foods) in conjunction with low water intake may increase water retention.

4. Magnesium – 310 – 420 mg of this mineral/day (for adults) plays an important role with sodium and potassium to control your body’s water balance.

5. Carbohydrates – For every gram of glycogen you store, 3–4 grams (0.11–0.14 ounces) of water may be stored with it. This explains why people experience immediate weight loss when switching to a low-carb diet, which reduces glycogen stores.

Excess water retention can also be caused by a serious condition, so be sure to seek medical attention if your problem persists.

Ultimately, this means the number you see on the scale isn’t always accurate. So throw it away and make it a great day!

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