So proud of the ladies who are taking part in Endurance 8 Fit Camp’s Biggest loser challenge!

After two weeks the results are in, the ladies are down collectively another 9.4 lbs that makes their total to date about 40 lbs down!

Great work ladies and keep up the fantastic work, we know you can make it to your target goal.

Tips to keep active in this snowy weather:
1. keep some dumbells by the front door, so while you are waiting for the car to warm up, do some bicep curls, this little bit of activity will help you shed extra pounds over time and warm you up for outside.
2. go for a walk and enjoy the outdoors, check out the new seasonal decorations, and early glimpses of holiday lights, this is also a great way to stress relieve.
3. make a snowman with the kids, it takes energy to build up “frosty”, and because you are using your legs to roll the ball of snow, you are actually doing a lunge or squat for the time you are outside.

Have fun, and keep active!

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