Fitness Transformation Before photo Karen

I have always been involved in some type of sport, but never really fell in love with any activity until I started going to the gym and using weights to achieve a true fitness transformation.Fitness Transformation Before photo Karen

I became very focused on weight training when I quit smoking a few years prior. I was concerned that if I didn’t find an activity that helped me manage my weight, I wouldn’t be a non-smoker for long!  I was ready to take a new path in life that didn’t include sitting on my butt smoking cigarettes.  I also wanted to be a role model to my children, for them to see me as an example of a healthy and active woman.

I met Dr. Kevin and Dr. Wendy after hearing about their success in physique competitions and coaching others to excel. I knew these incredibly fit doctors were going to be my ticket to achieving my goals, so I asked them to take me on as their client.   These two people are not only fantastic doctors, trainers, and clinic owners, but they have a wealth of knowledge in proper nutrition to assist people in reaching their weight loss, fitness, and muscle building goals.

Fitness Transformation After photo KarenWith Dr. Kevin and Dr. Wendy’s guidance and support, I won 2nd place in my first physique/fitness competition and I can honestly say that I know I looked better in my 40’s than I did in my 20’s.

When I ask myself ‘have I reached my goal now that I am fit?” the answer is NO!  I will always raise the bar a little higher, need to push myself a little harder, set new goals to achieve another level of fitness.   I call going to the gym my addiction, and the results are far more satisfying than lighting up a cigarette!

Dr. Kevin and Dr. Wendy, my sincerest appreciation to you both with my fitness transformation!


Do You Have An Injury Or Physical Complaint?
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