This is Kari Lynn’s Weight Loss Success Story:

In May I made the decision that I wanted to compete in November. This was no small task as I have so much weight to lose, muscle to grow and confidence to build. But since I won the New Year New You challenge I wanted to achieve something else that made me proud.

Weight loss success before and afters

I made this decision without even taking into consideration that I was going into summer-prime patio season! Add onto that a long vacation booked prior to my decision and the task seemed daunting. How was I going to get to the physical condition needed to walk on a stage in an itty bitty little bikini in front of hundreds of people? Well, when Dr. Wendy and Dr. Kevin kept telling me I could do it and with that little saying “Trust the process” in the back of my mind I just followed the workout plan and adhered to the meal plan as best I could. Both of these were quite challenging at first and in my mind I kept hearing Kevin’s voice in my head “Yes you can” when I needed to just push through 3 more reps. Wendy helped me realize that if something isn’t working quite right with a meal plan, she can just change it to satisfy my hunger and see how my body changes.

The encouragement from them and their belief in my capabilities have truly helped me believe I could achieve my weight loss success. I successfully stepped on stage in November and my mindset has now changed from “I can’t eat that because it’s not on my plan” to “I’m so excited to eat these delicious berries”! Or from“Ugh, I have to go to the gym at lunch” to “I bet I can lift more today because I’m feeling so much stronger”. When you start to believe in yourself these decisions get easier and it brings even more happiness to your soul.

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