Before After Photo Blair

Please read the weight loss success story of Blair Piercey below.  Blair is one of many clients and patients who have achieved great success with the staff at Endurance on 8th Health Centre.

I had been exercising for 10 years and achieved lost weight but struggled to maintain the weight loss would end up gaining it back within a month. I kept asking myself “what I am doing wrong?”

In just 10 weeks of following the advice and meal/exercise plan Dr. Kevin created for me, I lost 37lbs! I went from 220lbs to 183lbs and from 42 to 34 inches around my abdomen, for a total of 8 inches lost. In addition, I also dropped 6-7% body fat.

Weight Loss Before After Photo Blair

Dr. Kevin was the last piece of the puzzle in my life to assist in living a healthier lifestyle and for all my fitness endeavourers. He completely changed the way I view healthy eating in relation to just day to day living as well as from a personal training perspective. I did not just receive a plan from Dr. Kevin, he completely re-educated me about food, exercise and how to maintain a healthier lifestyle.

Thanks Kevin, I look forward to setting new goals. I’ve discovered that no goal is unattainable with your continual knowledge and support.


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