We are very proud to announce that Calgary, Alberta will be the headquarters for a new, innovative and exciting bodybuilding, figure and model organization. The NPAA (Natural Physique and Athletics Association) is founded by Dr. Kevin Ashby and Dr. Wendy Carvalho-Ashby. Both Kevin and Wendy have been actively involved in the physique and athletics community as competitors, Doctors, trainers, nutrition coaches, directors and now as the presidents of NPAA.“We love this sport and as such take great pride in providing athletes with the best possible experience they can have on and off the competition stage”.

The Natural Physique and Athletics Association will provide athletes the opportunity to earn their “All Canadian” NPAA Elite-Pro Status.  The unique aspect of our federation is that athletes will have the ability to go past the traditional Canadian Pro-Card level, and they can advance from Elite-Pro status and earn an International Fitness & Physique Association (IFPA) Pro card.  NPAA is the only Canadian Amateur Affiliate for the IFPA, allowing competitors from Canada to qualify for “true natural international events” as IFPA pro’s. 

The NPAA Canadian Classic will be held on May 20, 2012 at The University of Calgary Theatre. Athletes in the categories of bodybuilding, figure, fitness model, bikini model and masters will grace the stage and compete. We are excited to announce that Dynamis will be searching for athletes to sponsor at the NPAA Canada Classic!  

We are thrilled to have your support, and encourage you to visit and “like” our facebook page and event pages so you can be updated on current NPAA news!

Happy New Year, and lets have an incredible year of training, health, wellness and competing in a sport we love!!

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