Surviving that yummy holiday temptation….

We all look forward to time off with our families, sitting around in the kitchen gabbing, laughing and trying out some family recipes. However, the week after many of us feel sluggish, maybe even a bit guilty for a bit of holiday overindulgence. So the question is how do you get through the big dinner without compromising your health and fitness goals?

1. Get out earlier that day and go for a workout, power walk with the family or just play outside with the kids. If you can follow this level of activity for at least one hour you are destined to burn between 200-700 extra calories.

2. Drink lots of water that day, so you will feel fuller and also keep your thirst in check so you are less likely to go for sweets or other food cravings that we often think we need when we are actually just dehydrated and need some clean H2O.

3. Have the lean protein such as the white turkey breast (skin off), chicken breast or fish.  If you are vegetarian or vegan consume high protein vegetables (beans, lentils, peas, kale, etc). Say no to gravy, extra sauces or salty additions.

4. Say yes to veggies and salad. We often tell clients and patients, if you are invited out for dinner and are unsure of what will be on the table, then bring the host a very nice garden salad, not only are you being helpful you know it is one item you can eat!

5. Say no to alcohol, 1 drink is approximately 100 calories (1.5 oz of hard alcohol or wine or beer) if you have three that is 300 calories, if you have 10 that is equivalent to 1 pound of extra weight you have just put on. Remember 1 pound of body fat is 3500 calories, so the little extras really add up.

Last but not least, remember to have fun and be proud of your commitment to living a healthy lifestyle and remember to give thanks to those people and things around you that you feel proud to be around or have accomplished this year!

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