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Please read Jaymi’s success story after working with Dr. Kevin and Dr. Wendy via online training at Endurance on 8th Health Centre:

Success story photo front

In October 2015 I started a new job and quickly realized that a staple of our office culture was to ensure that we had on hand, at all times, every snack food imaginable! You name it, we had it. This lead to almost daily overindulgence and after a few short months I had gained several pounds. My clothes no longer fit and I felt miserable knowing that I had blatantly ignored the scale and was now paying the price. *Queue multiple morning wardrobe changes* Ugh..


When I received the email from Endurance advertising the New Year, New You challenge, I decided immediately that I would enrol regardless of the cost. The greatest barrier for me in regards to weight loss and keeping weight off is accountability. When I lack accountability, to myself or anyone else, I gain weight. What I loved about this challenge, even more than the carefully structured meal plans and training regimes, was that I had to take a picture of myself every week and email it to Dr. Wendy. For me, knowing that I had to take that picture and send it to a third party was immensely motivating. Slowly, I started to see results which added to that motivation. Before long, I started feeling accountable to myself and was proud of what I was accomplishing. The nutrition plans ensured I rarely felt hungry but rather, satisfied. The training programs were comprehensive and although I had to make some minor adjustments (with guidance and permission from Dr. Wendy), I found them fun and even started to look forward to my post-work workout. LOVE this!


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From participating in this challenge I learned a few invaluable things. First, when it comes to my weight, I live by accountability. I will continue to take a weekly picture and my measurements to keep an eye on my progress and to ensure I don’t ignore my health again. Food prep played a huge role in my success. A couple of hours on Sunday set the tone for nutritious eating throughout the week. Eating the occasional sinful snack still happened but I accounted for it and didn’t beat myself up over the slip. Paying attention to my caloric intake and macros have also become habit and this is another form of accountability.


Finally, I want to thank Dr. Wendy and Dr. Kevin for providing this service as it really does work if you are dedicated and trust the process. Going to the gym regularly and proper nutrition have once again become a fundamental part of my lifestyle. Although the challenge is over, the residual effect is that I intend to improve; to keep going, become more knowledgeable about nutrition and weight training and to become the strongest and healthiest version of myself yet.


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