Post partum body transformation

Post partum transformation photo

This is Cyndi’s Post Partum Transformation:

“2 years ago I nervously stepped on stage for the first time and placed 3rd in bikini and 5th in fitness model.  I was shocked and amazed at my post partum transformation with Dr. Wendy and  Dr. Kevin‘s guidance as well as the support of the Team Endurance community.

November 2014 I had my second baby and decided to challenge myself with another walk on the stage … this time with a smaller window post baby.  I knew that I NEEDED to have the Endurance staff by my side once again.   I moved to BC just before the birth of my baby, so Dr. Wendy put together my post partum nutrition and workouts — everything was done virtually and again, Dr. Wendy was able to whip me into shape.

Support was no different with emails, videos, phone calls and weekly check ins.  Mid way through my training I got a bit of a reality check and Dr. Wendy was able to give me the virtual kick in the butt I needed.

Dr. Wendy and the entire team at Endurance on 8th are THE BEST.”

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