” I could not be more thrilled with my “mom transformation” and experince with Endurance on 8th.  Not only have I met a great group of people and network of support, but I’ve gained the knowledge and ability to maintain a balanced and clean lifestyle.  I’m happier mentally and physically that I’ve ever been, and that says a lot as I’m probably under the most stress in my personal life than I’ve ever been.
I met with Dr. Wendy 7 weeks postpartum (I was a bit eager to start feeling myself again!).  Wendy put me on a nutrition and at home workout plan that I could manage while adjusting to limited hours of sleep and nursing (it was important to me that my personal fitness goals did not impact my ability to be able to nurse my baby).  It was great working with Wendy as she understood what I was going through and was very cautious about ensuring my babies need came first, but at the same time, helping me to see results!
results!means eating right, most of the time…  But at the same time, I enjoy my wine and coffee creamer – Wendy jus me figure out how to manage everything properly!”

After a month of clean eating and getting back into a workout routine, I met with Wendy again and decided to train for NPAA competition.  Having a goal of walking on stage at 7 months postpartum was a huge motivator (and intimidator!)  Wendy ensured that all of my workouts could be done in my (very pathetic) at home gym while my little guy napped.  She anticipated things that I never thought about (night time baby feeding’s that caused me to be extra hungry) – Wendy prepared me with solutions so that I knew exactly what to do!  And if something ever came up that I was unsure of, she was always just an email away to answer my questions (which there were many closer to stage day!).  I’ve never felt so comfortable in my own skin and know that I never would have been able to achieve these results without the help of Wendy.

I’ve worked out my entire life, and yet I’ve never seen the type of results I’ve seen working with Wendy as my coach.  By doing the right types of workouts along with a nutrition plan that was tailored for me I saw almost immediate results!means eating right, most of the time…  But at the same time, I enjoy my wine and coffee creamer – Wendy just helped me figure out how to manage everything properly!”

Thank you Dr. Wendy!


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